Two shows tonight

8 PM at the Delancey

10 PM at the Manhattan Inn

I get to play two amazing shows in one night.  How lucky am I?

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Directions in Sound 2012th March (Approx.)

No rights reserved

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Thanks for the love

I had a great time playing tonight with Sewing Machines, Katie Laub, and House Party.  Thanks for inviting me to play!

Also, thanks to all those who came out even if you didn’t have a friend playing – that’s why I love New York.  As requested, here’s a link to some of the music I played.  It’s not recorded well, but the ideas are clear.  The song with the VU sample starts at 46:00 on the track 326.  Be well.

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Relevant sentiments

Playing a show tonight at Big Snow!  If you are reading this, you should come check it out!  Does anybody read this?

Also, somebody who hasn’t heard my music wrote up this nice piece about what I do:

“[I}f you live in a world where people are constantly asked to explain themselves in networks of “likes” and “curated” content… if you live in a world where people already think they know so much about all the ways other humans have tried to express themselves– then a bit of high-quality quilting might actually be a valid way of trying to short-circuit all that. If communication keeps reducing itself to a network of tastes and references, well, maybe it’s possible that you could create a web of references so complex, subtle, and unexpected that it actually starts climbing the far slope of the Uncanny Valley, and moves from seeming flat and inhuman to seeming mysterious and peculiar again. Maybe you can stitch together something so strange and new… that it might as well be a mysterious inner self. Like a Tao Lin novel, filled with a billion affectless references to things in the culture around us, but leaving the characters’ interior lives bizarrely shrouded and unknowable and only guessed at– way more secretive and half-glimpsed and special than anything Person 1.0 would ever come up with.”

Nitsuh Abebe,

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Great Show Last Night

I played at the Big Snow Buffalo Lounge last night.  It was a fantastic show with Invisible Circle, Dada Trash Collage, and Peter Fonda.  I also sang with the Invisible Circle choir which is always a blast.  Thanks to all who came out and made it such an awesome night.

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Found Sounds

I found a great series of videos from a show we played at The Bank in Baltimore in June of 2010!

Click here to see it ——>

This was an epic show, and I hear it is legendary in some circles. This show also featured a brutal 7 minute set by Yohimbe, a typically manic performance by Three Brained Robot, a beautiful meditation by Invisible Circle, and an eye opening vocal workout by Bethany Dinsick. Good memories. Sounds like we played well too.

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New Album

That’s right – it’s a new album! Listen to it! Share it with your friends. Take joy in the creation of new art.

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Audio from concert on April 14, 2011

Thanks to Dave Ruder for inviting me to play at his Flowering Inconsistencies event at Northeast Kingdom.  Now you too can experience the magic of that night!

I put together a little ensemble and arranged some unusual sounds.  Check it out here –

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Show Friday!

Just Added:

Friday 3/9/10
*Green Grocer*
*Pet Peeve*
*Scarlet Monk and Her Orchestra*

The Horseshoe
4115 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL

9 PM

New songs. Cheap beer. Texas BBQ.

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Spring Rules

Good energy is everywhere! Make some!

David Kadden performs music as Invisible Circle. There is a link to his music on the right. He is an amazing human being, and I look forward to touring with him this summer.

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